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Quality.  Efficiency.  Integrity.

At ACM Engineering (ACME), we focus on providing
"Qualificientegritous" Engineering - a unique combination of quality design, efficient processes, and a commitment to integrity in business practices. We strive to prvide the very best in customer satisfaction to our private or government clients.  We specialize in civil and environmental engineering services for architectural, commercial, industrial, and public development and infrastructure projects. No matter whether your project is big or small, or the range of civil or environmental design services you require, we can leverage our staff and/or industry contacts to answer your quesitons and help you accomplish your goals.


ACM Engineering's team has nearly 20 years civil and environmental engineering experience ranging from very large public projects to small private developments...and everything in between. As a certified MBE, DBE and ESB firm, we also may be able to help meet public agency goals related to use of small or disadvantaged business concerns.

At ACM Engineering, we provide exceptional service to our community by combining exceptional expertise with cutting-edge techology to increase accuracy and efficiency. ACME designs with your requirements and ease of use in mind. We design in 3D, produce plans which are detailed yet clear, identify and recommend value-added design options which save time and money, and work with the entire design and construction team to ensure all elements result in long term value to the client and community.

Please contact us for a no-cost evaluation and fee proposal for civil engineering services on your next development project today. You'll be glad you did!


South Y, Madras, OR
Fueling Station, Martha Lake, WA
Naval Shipyards

PO Box 8701 • Bend, OR 97708
P: 541-728-3456  •  F:541-610-1709  •

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