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Committed to "Qualificientegritous" Civil Engineering

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The principals at ACM Engineering have been doing business in Central Oregon since 2003 and since 1991 while located in Seattle, WA. 
We focus on these principles:
  • Quality Work: We are very thorough in our work from the very beginning. We focus on "doing it right" the first time to eliminate costly re-work and reduce construction administration. We meeet or exceed all the designs standard required by the local governing body for your project.

  • Efficiency:  We apply the best technology methods and focus on applying efficient design principles and finding time and money saving alternatives to get your project done as quickly as possible with the most efficient design that still meets the design standards of the locality yet meets or exceeds our quality standrds and yor design requirements. We believe there is no "one best way" and explore all viable suggestiosn in our misison to "build the better mousetrap".

  • Integrity:  Of utmost importance is our commitment to honesty and ethical treatment of all people we come into contact with. We are buildign the community we all live in and enjoy, and we beleive everyone shoudl be honest and upfront with one another. Inthis vein, we will provide youwith as much information about your project as possibleso that you can make the best decisions on how bets to proceeed. We provide all of our clients with an upfront evaluation of their project related to in-scope and out-of-scope services. We also ask each client to sign a contract for services that ensures our work is completed as stated in our scope document. We are up-front about our fees, there will be no hidden costs, and provide all of our clients with a summary of our fees and an outline of our billing processes.

  • Fun & Collaboration: We create a fun, flexible, humor-filled work environment so our employees, colleagues and customers have an enjoyable experience. We believe collaboration produces the highest quality infrastructure for our community and our future, so we strive to colloborate on solutions with employees, clients, other design professionals and our community.  

At ACM engineering, we believe that integrity and communication are the keys to the future success of our community and company. We emphasize these values and practice them on every job. We believe these values will make our firm an industry leader.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on understanding the problems and opportunities in our industry. ACM Engineering is committed to excellence and efficiency in all we do. We realize our clients and our community is our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving the needs of both.

PO Box 8701 • Bend, OR 97708
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