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Architectural Projects

ACM Engineering's team designed civil improvements for the following architecturally designed projects.  For large urban architectural projects in other Northwest areas, click here.
For a list of local architects, please visit our professional services pages.

Columbia Hills Manor, Arlington, Oregon
Project description: Complete Civil Design for a new 8-unit Independent Living Facility in Arlington, Oregon.

Projected Completion Date: Spring 2012

Architect: Pinncale Architecture, Bend, OR

Terrebonne School Addition - Terrebonne, Oregon
Project description: Extensive remodel and addition project for an existing K-8 school. Complete civil design work includes utility design, parking lot grading and drainage, public streets, fire flow.

Project Budget:
6.5 million

Completion Date: Winter 2010

BBT Architects,  Bend, OR

Madras Taco Bell, Madras, Oregon
Project description: Highway modifications for ODOT, along with site design, grading and utility design for a restaurant with drive-through and parking lot located between two one-way corridors on State Highway 97. The site is located in a flood plain, requiring special consideration.

Completion Date: Fall 2009

Developer: Madras, LLC

Architect: Nir Pearlson Architect,  Eugene, OR

RedBend Building, Redmond, Oregon
McBride Building
click photo for larger view
Project description: Commercial/Industrial Building in Redmond's Airport Industrial Park
ACM Services:  
* Complete Civil Engineering Services
* Street Imrpovements
* Drainage/Grading

Completion Date: Summer 2007
Architect: BBT Architects, Bend, OR
Builder: SunWest Builders, Redmond, OR

Two North Rim Residences, Bend, Oregon
Project description: Grading and drainage plans for two high-end custom residences in the North Rim Subdivision located on steeply sloped sites.

Projected Completion Date: Fall 2009

Architect: Phillips Architecture, Bend, OR -

Builder: Sun Forest Construction, Bend, OR -


Highland Marketplace, Redmond, Oregon


Project description:
Commercial Shopping Center Development in Redmond, Oregon located on a large urban site bordered by a Highway and 3 arterial streets. Project required design of full parking lot improvmenets, significant grading, drainage swales (no city storm drains available), utilities, and half street improvements 

ACM Services:  
*Complete Civil Engineering Services for parking lot design, street improvements, grading, and drainage

Completion Date: Fall 2006

Developer: Morgan Mackenzie, Bend, OR

Architect: BBT Architects, Bend, OR

Glacier Place, Redmond, Oregon

Glacier Place 657 Glacier Ave, Redmond, OR

Project description: 3 Story Commercial Office Building with Glass Elevator. Project Includes Street Improvements and Parking lot.
ACM Services:  
* Complete Civil Engineering Services
Project Budget: N/A
Completion Date: June 2006
Architect: Schertzinger & Party Architects, Redmond, OR (541-548-8884)

Deschutes Ridge Building 6, Bend, Oregon
Project description: Commercial Office Building
ACM Services:  
* Complete Civil Engineering Services

Completion Date: Summer 2007

Developer: Morgan McKenzie, Bend, OR
Architect: BBT Architects, Bend, OR

South Y Complex, Madras, Oregon

South Y Complex, Madras, OR

Project description: 3 story Commercial Office Building on sloped lot with parking lots and access on 3 sides.
ACM Services:  
*Complete Civil Engineering Services
* Parking Lot design
* Drainage and retaining wall designs
Project Budget:  N/A
Completion Date: Spring 2006
Architect: Schertzinger & Party Architects, Redmond, OR (541-548-8884)

Historic Warehouses, Hubbard, Oregon
Project description: Restore Historic Warehouses by Railroad Tracks

ACM Services:  
* parking lot grading and drainage
* Utilities

Completion Date: Fall 2006

Architect: Path Architecture, Portland Area,

Swiss Automatic Building, Redmond, Oregon

Swiss Automatic, Redmond, OR

Project description: Light Industrial Office Building at the Redmond Airport Business Park. Includes Shiping Bay and large parking lot.
ACM Services:  
* Complete Civil Engineering Services

Completion Date: June 2006

Architect: Schertzinger & Party Architects, Redmond, OR (541-548-8884)

Aspen Title, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Project description: Commercial Office Building.
ACM Services:  
* Complete Civil Engineering Services

Completion Date: June 2006

* Phillips Architecture, Bend, OR

Community First Bank, Redmond, Oregon
Project description: Bank Remodel 
ACM Services:  
* Parking Lot Grading, Drainage
* Drive Through
* Drywell Design & ODEQ Registration

Completion Date: 
Spring 2007
Architect:  Schertzinger & Part Architect, Redmond, OR 541-548-8884

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